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  • JPC-2 JPC-1
    WHITEDAISY JOINT PAIN CARE is a mixture of Shilajit, Perennial, Ashwagandha, Roots of satan and other 7-8 Ayurvedic herbs. It helps in all the kind of joint pain and muscles pain.
      Key benefits of JOINT PAIN CARE :
    • No need to Replace the joint.
    • Get rid out of back pain and knee pain.
    • Helps in relief in shoulder pai.
    • 100% ayurvedic
    • No side effects
      Direction of use :
    • Take 1 pouch every night with warm water for 30-35 days.
  • In this era of coffee, whitedaisy presents organic coffee which containts fenugreek, mahudo and brown sugar. This organic coffee gives you energy throughout of day.
      Advantage of whitedaisy organic coffee :
    • Blood circulation gets fast and good.
    • The stomach will always be clean.
    • Do not allow stomach to occur constipation.
    • Increases digestion power.
    • Blood pressure and thyroid are controlled by this coffee.
    • Drinking this coffee relieves stress.
      How to make organic coffee : For 1 cup :
    • Take 1 cup of milk or 50-60 ml milk. And put 1 scoop of whitedaisy organic coffee in milk and boil it for 2 min and strain it.
  • Sugar Care

    Sugar Care is an Ayurvedic Organic Sanjivani solution for treating diabetes that is Laboratory Tested, All Registration and Certified Formula required as per Government approved, which ensures a 99% guarantee of being your sword to fight diabetes. Sugar Care is completely organic, made from herbs which results into NO side-effects at all. It shows a astonishing reduction in sugar level within 7 days after the commencement of consuming it.
    • It is effective for both Type-1 as well as Type-2 diabetes.
    • There are no side-effects of this medicine made from 13 types of herbs like Neem, Karela, Mamajavo, Papaya, Fenugreek, purple seed, etc.
    • There is no requirement of any special diet while consuming Sugar Care.
  • Suprabhat-Final-2 Suprabhat-Final-1
    Nowadays most of the people are suffering from constipation, gas , acidity due to are lifestyle, food and other thing. For that only Whitedaisy presents suprabhat which is very effective for constipation and gas.
    • 100% AYURVEDIC
      How to take :
    • Take 1 scoop with warm water at night.(scoop is given inside)

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